Essay on Plateaus Of Pakistan 2024

Plateaus of Pakistan

Plateaus of Pakistan

Plateaus means a part of land which is not flat. There are two Plateaus in Pakistan, Potohar Plateau and Balochistan Plateau.

Salt Range and Potohar Plateau:

The Valley of river Swan is popularly known as Potohar Plateau. This valley has the heritage of an old civilization. The Salt range has its traces in the hills of Tilla Jogian and Bakrala to the west of river Jehlum. The Indus river flows through this range near Kalabagh. The average height of Salt range is about 700 meters. While the average height of Potohar Plateau is 300 to 600 meters. Potohar Plateau lies in the north of Salt range. It has a dry and rocky surface. This plateau is drained by the two rivers, river Haro and Swan. The Districts of Rawalpindi, Jehlum and Some parts of Mianwali are included in Potohar Plateau. There are some beautiful Lakes like kallar Kahar in this plateau.

Balochistan Plateau:

To the west of Suleman Mountains lies the Balochistan Plateau. Its height varies from 600 to 900 meters. It is mountainous area, full of rocky land and deserts. The mountains of Toba Kakri and Chaghi Separate the Balochistan from Afghanistan. The mountains of Ziarat and Muslimbagh are part of this range.

The Balochistan plateau is a very rocky and desert area with extreme climate and very low rainfall. The Zob is a well known river of Balochistan Plateau. There is a lake of saltish water Hamoon Mashkhel Lake in this region. This area is famous for its precious minerals including Coal, natural gas, Chromite, iron and Copper.

Summer season is very hot in some parts of Balochistan plateau. In places like Sibi summer season is unbearably hot. Most of the mountains are dry and barren. Mountain areas in some regions receive snowfall in winter. Quetta and Ziarat are hill resorts in summer season on account of their altitude. The Cause of rainfall in these areas is due to Cyclones blowing from the Persia Gulf. The Climate of upper Balochistan remains pleasant during winter season.

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