Essay on the Background of Pakistan Resolution

Pakistan Resolution

Background of Pakistan Resolution:

The Lahore Resolution is the most significant landmark in the history of our freedom struggle. In the month of March 1940, the Muslims of India adopted a resolution consisting of their national objectives and expressing their firm commitment to make all out efforts for the achievement of these objectives.

The Two Nation Theory:

The Muslims were a separate nation and distinct from all other nations, of the world. Their culture, traditions, language, way of living was totally different from Hindus. Nothing was common in them, and their was no possibility of living together with Hindus any more.

Iqbal’s Allahabad Address:

Allama Iqbal’s Allahabad address holds an important place in Pakistan movement. His idea that Muslims of India formed a separate nation and they had a right to decide about their fate was warmly welcomed by all the Muslim circles. The demand gradually gained popularity and ultimately developed in the form of Pakistan resolution in 1940.

Oppressive Congress Rule:

After capturing the Government in 1937, Congress adopted anti Muslim policies, the hoisting of Congress flag on Government offices and singing of Bande Matram was made compulsory in educational institutes. Slaughter of Cow was banned. Azan was forbidden Urdu was replaced by Hindi. Due to the rigid attitude of Congress Hindu-Muslim riots spread throughout the country.

Popularity of Muslim League:

The Quaid-I-Azam wanted to see Muslims united on the platform of Muslim League. In 1938 Muslim League passed a resolution in its annual session, and demanded a separate homeland for Muslims of India. Similarly Quaid-i-Azam also visited various cities and villages, and made the people aware about the hostile policies of Congress and objectives of Muslim League. Thus during Congress rule Quaid-i-Azam tried his best to reorganize Muslim League. Soon Muslim League emerged as the sole representative of the Muslims.

Lahore Session of The Muslim League:

An annual meeting of Muslim League was held on 23rd March 1940 at Lahore in Iqbal Park. The meeting was presided by Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. In his presidential address Quaid explained the background of the demand for a separate homeland for Muslims in subcontinent. He argued that the nature of Hindu-Muslim problem was an international problem since Hindu and Muslims are two separate nations with different culture, traditions, and religion.

On the basis of above mentioned two nation theory, Maulvi Fazal-ul-Haq, the famous leader of Bengal presented a famous historical resolution “Pakistan Resolution” in this meeting, which was unanimously passed.

Salient features of Lahore Resolution:

The main features of the Lahore Resolution were.

1. The Resolution demanded separate Muslim states be set up In Eastern and Western parts of India where Muslims could live in peace and live freely according to the principles of Islam.

2. The adequate and effective safeguards should be provided in constitution for the protection of religion, culture and economic rights.

This resolution was initially named as Lahore Resolution, but the hostile Hindu Media gave it a name “Pakistan Resolution”.

Results of Lahore Resolution:

The Pakistan Resolution proved to be a great blessing for the Muslims of Subcontinent. Now the Muslims of India organized themselves under the leadership of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The Muslims of India started their journey, towards complete independence.

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