Neighboring Countries of Pakistan

Neighboring countries of Pakistan:

The important neighboring countries of Pakistan are India, Iran, China, and Afghanistan.

Peoples Republic of China:

China is situated to the north of Pakistan. The two countries have about 600 km long border. China is a great and time tested friend of Pakistan. Both of the countries have close Political, Economic, and Cultural relations with each other. A highway has been constructed called Silk route (Shahra-e-Resham) which is a trade route between Pakistan and China. The Construction of Silk route has greatly facilitated the exchange of goods between the two countries.


Afghanistan is located in the north-west of Pakistan. Both of the countries share 2240 km long border which is commonly known as Durand line. The Durand line was drawn as a result of demarcation agreement between British Government and Afghanistan Government in 1893. Pakistan and Afghanistan have close brotherly relations. When Russia made military intervention in Afghanistan, Pakistan helped Afghanistan, and opened its border for Afghan refugees. The sea trade of Afghanistan is mostly carried on through Pakistan as Afghanistan is a land locked state.


To the south-west of Pakistan lies Iran. Iran was the first Country which recognized Pakistan; similarly Shah of Iran was the first head of state who paid his visit to Pakistan. Pakistan and Iran have very close brotherly relations. There are many trade agreements between two countries. Pakistan and Afghanistan are member of (ECO) Economic Cooperation Organization. The main objective of the ECO is to promote trade between Pakistan, Iran and Turkey.


To the East of Pakistan is situated India. It is a vast country with large number of population. A great number of Muslims are living in India. Kashmir issue has bec.. the bone of contention between the both countries. Pakistan and India have fought two Major wars and various small battles on this issue. India has hegemonic designs in the region. In 1974 India became nuclear power, which put this region in to great trouble and instability. Pakistan responded to India’s nuclear tests in 1998 by testing its capability as nuclear power on 28th May 1998.

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