Pashto Language and its Iitreature

Pashto Language

Pashto Language:

Pashto is the regional language of the N.W.F.P. Balochistan, and tribal areas. This language belongs to the East Iranian group of languages and contains many Persian, Arabic, Greek and Pehlevi words. The evolution of Pashto can be traced back in the area known as Bakht or Bakhtar in Afghanistan, Pashto derived its name from it. Originally it was known as Bakhtu, this language later came to be known as Pashto.

The history of Pashto language is about five thousands years old.

Pashto Script:

Before the arrival of Muslims in the Subcontinent Pashto was written in Kharoshti script. Saifullah designed the alphabets and script of Pashto language.

Pashto literature:

The first book of Pashto was Patta-Khazana, and the first poet of Pushto was Amir karore. Pushto literature made great progress during the rule of Ghayas ud din Bablak 1265-1290 and Sher Shah Suri 1540-1545. in the year 1200 a prominent book of Pushto Tazkara tul Olia was written. During the reign of Mehmood Ghaznavi Saif Ullah designed alphabates of Pashto which are in use till today. The famous Pashto poets like Kazim khan, Rehman Baba, and Khushhal Khan Khatak lived in the 17th century. Like other regional languages of Pakistan Pashto literature was also influenced by mysticism.

Dialects of Pashto:

Pashto has three major dialects or accents, northern eastern dialect, south western dialect, and dialect of the Zai tribes.

Forms of Classical poetry:

Tappa is the oldest Pashto poetic form, Tappa is also found in the other regional languages of Pakistan like Punjabi. Other forms of Pashto poetry are Char Baitey, tobey, badleym, and nemkai.

Foundation of Modern Pushto:

Writers like Kazi Mir and Munshi Ahmed led the foundation of modern Pashto literature. In the 19th century stories and folk songs were written. Books in English and other languages were translated into Pashto. In the modern age Islamia College and Edward College Peshawar are playing vital role in the development of Pashto language. Peshawar television and other few private Pashto T.V Channels are also playing an important role in the promotion of Pashto language and literature.

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