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Eatable Items Name in English and Urdu

Food Items Name

In this affirmative blog post we are going to learn about daily life Eatable items name in English and with Urdu meaning. It is really important to learn and speak Eatable items name whenever you are going to buy something at superstore so this lesson plan will help you to remember the name of buying item in English. This lesson will not only help you outside but also helps you to talk about any of the the item. It is necessary to learn these vocabulary words and to use them while speaking English.

Eatable Items Name

Betel پان
Grain اناج
Barley جو
Butter مکھن
Ghee گھی
Cluster bean جوار
Comfit الائچی
Broth شوربہ
Biscuit بسکٹ
Gram چنا
Jam مربہ
Dinner شام کا کھانا
Cake کیک
Fine flour میدہ
Beef گائے کا گوشت


Buckweed میتھی
Cardamom الائچی
Cheese پنیر
Egg انڈہ
Cucumber کھیرا
Coffee کوفی
Bread روٹی
Chapati چپاتی
Conserve مربہ
Ginger ادرک
Honey شہد
Wheat گندم
Vinegar سرگہ
Gruel دلیہ
Jaggery گڑ

Lentil مسور
Kidney bean مونگ
Maize مکئی
Meat گوشت
Lunch دوپہر کا کھانا
Mutton بکرے کا گوشت
Millet باجرہ
Pulse دال
Sauce چٹنی
Turmeric ہلدی
Salt نمک
Tea چائے
Porridge دلیہ
Oil تیل
Peas مٹر

Ice برف
Rice چاول
Sugar چینی
Treacle شیرہ
Vegetable سبزی
Poopy خشخاش
Pickle اچار
Pepper کالی مرچ
Saffron زعفران
Tamarind املی
Sesame تل
Pastry پیسٹری
Mince قیمہ
Mustard رائی
Water پانی



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